Def Jam works with Mogreet/ William Kuriyama


Mogreet, a mobile video messaging company located in Los Angeles, CA. has coupled with New York’s Def Jam Records to produce brand new mobile video content that can be sent by phone… if ya never heard of it… mobile video messages:)   These video messages can be sent from peer to peer for special occasions, holidays, and everyday occasions such as, ‘C u at the club’… etc…

 ‘The Dream’ (Rhianna, ‘Umbrella’), who’s new record Love VS. Money is being released March 10, 2009, ( ) has created really good, put it in ya mouth kinda new, one of a kind mobile content that will soon be available for customer use. We will mos def let u know when that’s out 4 ya… Mogreet has produced content with other such artists ranging from ‘The Olly Girls’ (Sunset Tan), Corey Feldman (Goonies, Dream A Little Dream), Sean Kingston (Sony, Beluga Heights), Bruno Tonioli (Dancing With The Stars), Lance Bass,  Tila Tequila, and many others ( ).

William Kuriyama is Los Angeles filmmaker currently working with Mogreet. William has also worked with groups like Valerna and The Process in regards to creating music videos and mobile content. You can see some here:

P.S. have been getting love from all everywhere.

~ by lostcarboncopy2000 on February 18, 2009.

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