Blood Money and WK

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K. So here u go. The video is out. RAD. See it here:

Hope that works 4 u:)


The Dream is alive, friends…

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So all,

Today, ‘The Dream’ has a website that has finally at long last…  become LIVE.


You can see and send new videos/Mogreets made by William Kuriyama there, plus check out all the Dream’s new info as it becomes updated… and don’t forget, his new album is due for release this March 10, 2009, and there is a dope ass verse with Kanye West on that record… when I was at the record release party that shit was super fly…  Def Jam has been putting it down forever, and here is another example of some new rad shit.


Lost Carbon Copy Productions and ‘The Process’

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Lost Carbon Copy Productions has recently released the music video for The Process‘ new single, ‘Press Play’. The video was made by Lost Carbon Copy Productions in association with Thrillhouse Productions & you can see the new video here: Plus that new shit was made with the muthafuckas from Thrillhouse Productons, who make ur other favorite music videos like So Many Wizards… ‘Fly A Kite,’  directed by Ryan Maples, and is also available at the same Vimeo group made by William Kuriyama. Damn, looks like it’s happenin’ again. These shits are fly.

Def Jam works with Mogreet/ William Kuriyama

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Mogreet, a mobile video messaging company located in Los Angeles, CA. has coupled with New York’s Def Jam Records to produce brand new mobile video content that can be sent by phone… if ya never heard of it… mobile video messages:)   These video messages can be sent from peer to peer for special occasions, holidays, and everyday occasions such as, ‘C u at the club’… etc…

 ‘The Dream’ (Rhianna, ‘Umbrella’), who’s new record Love VS. Money is being released March 10, 2009, ( ) has created really good, put it in ya mouth kinda new, one of a kind mobile content that will soon be available for customer use. We will mos def let u know when that’s out 4 ya… Mogreet has produced content with other such artists ranging from ‘The Olly Girls’ (Sunset Tan), Corey Feldman (Goonies, Dream A Little Dream), Sean Kingston (Sony, Beluga Heights), Bruno Tonioli (Dancing With The Stars), Lance Bass,  Tila Tequila, and many others ( ).

William Kuriyama is Los Angeles filmmaker currently working with Mogreet. William has also worked with groups like Valerna and The Process in regards to creating music videos and mobile content. You can see some here:

P.S. have been getting love from all everywhere.

Valerna with William Kuriyama

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 The latest record entitled VLRNA and podcast from Valerna have been so popular, I am reposting them here for all of ur enjoyment. Check it out and let us know what you think about it. The podcast is available here:

and the album can be downloaded here:

You can also find the record and new music since the album along with William Kuriyama’s video for ‘The New Technique’ for free at

\’The New Technique\’ by William Kuriyama