New Fly Stuffs. Unheard of.

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This record is soOOOooo fuckin LATE

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I’m makin’ this shit even more dope than I ever thought it would be… Here’s a preview…

Some Lil Boosie and Shit, Lil Meta… Shit is sick as fuck mane… and these are still just experiments. It’s STILL fer realz comin’ out this year tho. We keeps it realz.

Mix Tape coming 2012

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Here’s a link to some cool new beats to be a part of William Kuriyama’s mixtape to be released in 2012. Inspired by Girl Talk, Pretty Lights, Wu Tang and kanye. Maybe put that Dirty South and Manga on it… Gonna be some dope shit.

The End Of Love

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Here’s a sneak peek at the up and coming conceptual film called “The End Of Love,” from Director William Kuriyama.  

Valentine’s Day the movie

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Check out these clips I made for Warner Bros. mobile division.
Flyin off the fucking shelves…  Get em B4 VDay sukka.

Hip Hop Group ‘The Process’ Wins Hip Hop Battle of the Bands in Hollywood

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You may remember a while back Lost Carbon Copy Productions created a video for the hip hop group ‘The Process.’They’re now a four piece group and still killing all the competition as they win a hip hop ‘battle of the bands’ at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood last night. They competed against 13 others to win and were judged by Skee-Lo, Asia Lee and Indigo, and Kel from Kennan and Kel among a few others. They now are awaiting being added to a tour of exclusive undisclosed hip hop artists very soon. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.

Cannibal Flower Art Show with Fine Art from William Kuriyama

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The 10th Anniversary Show for Cannibal Flower, one of the most amazing art galleries in Los Angeles, featured a painting by William Kuriyama. His work will be shown throughout LA this year in 2010. The set of paintings for sale is called ‘First To The Finish’ and is a three piece being sold for $20000. To view enlarged, click on each image above. To purchase or for more information, go to and we will be promptly in touch with you to discuss details. A donation to your charity of choice will be made as part of any agreement.